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Prepare to be on the edge of seat. The Terror at the School is a Gripping Adventure in the Thrilling first mystery in the Investigation Chronicles of Marshall and Shaw series, in which High School Teens Max and Natasha use their skills to solve mysteries of the both the living and supernatural.

First, they chase a mystery—then it chases them back. Max Marshall and his best friend Natasha Shaw are normal High School Students solving investigations in their Town of Clarksville. When Strange things start happening at their school Max and Natasha jump into action willing to do whatever it takes to solve the mysterious occurrences. They are racing against time and a mysterious force determined to destroy there school. The deeper they investigate the more they are forced to confront the frightening truth. Who or What is behind the attacks at School?  Will Max and Natasha be able to solve the mystery of the supernatural in time to save their school?