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Team SIP

Masters of converting coffee into customer satisfaction

Tj Harris

Show Host
TJ  is the host of the Sayin it Plain radio show/podcast. He is the President/CEO of SIP Media & Entertainment and SIP Vending Services. TJ is also a Author, motivational speaker, and S.I.P's relationship expert and dating coach. Tj has been married for 10+ years and is the father of 3. A Go Getter He lives by the saying " don't knock on the door , kick that summa bytch down " . Tj is a proud Liberal and progressive and believes in fighting for both human and cultural rights, while advancing society with a view toward progression.  Tj is strong Believer in promoting Black Podcasts and the need for diversity on the airwaves with promoted the creation of Sayin it Plain with a mission of informing and enabling the community with information you need to know.

Ms. Chelle

Show Co- Host
Ms. Chelle is the Co-host of Sayin it Plain . She is also the Executive Vice president of SIP Media and Entertainment. She is SIP's blogger, entertainment insider and political strategist. Ms. Chelle is mother of 3 and balances being a mom, a wife, a business professional and one of the Executive Leaders of the SIP empire. Ms. Chelle is also a known animal lover as well as a human and animal rights activist. Ms. Chelle is a Liberal and progressive who fights for progressive values and diversity. Ms. Chelle is a firm believer in the saying "  When writing your life story, dont let someone else hold the pen."

Bhigg Blaque

Show Contributor
Bhigg Blaque is SIP's #1 show contributor and an executive of SIP Media & Entertainment . Bhigg Blaque is SIP's fitness, workout and health Guru. Bhigg Blaque believes in a healthy body = a healthy mind and has made it his goal to help people get fit and lean with a ultimate goal to lead a healthy lifestyle. Bhigg Blaque brings wit and his version of humor to Sayin it Plain and is a strong proponent for Black rights and empowerment.